Step by step instructions to MAKE A DIY WEDDING Invite SIGN

My companion Taylor got hitched a couple of ends of the week prior.

Normally, being the benevolent stencil-organization running man of his word I am, I asked what I could do to help make his wedding increasingly wonderful, great, and perhaps a smidgen more affordable.

Moreover, we help huge amounts of different clients do something very similar for their betrothments with custom wedding stencils, so I didn’t need to mull over attaching my sibling.

He made it simple to me. All they needed was a dazzling sign that each and every wedding participant would see as they entered the wedding scene just because.

No weight.

Here are the materials I utilized and the means I took to make the “Welcome” sign that was set at the passageway of his wedding. Look down to see nitty gritty pictures and depictions of each progression.

Custom stencil from Stencil Stop

3 x 2-foot pine wood board

The decision of wood recolor (I utilized this one)

Behr unadulterated level white paint (it’s white paint, so utilize anything you desire here – test amount is sufficient)

Rust-Oleum Sparkle Completely clear Shower

Something to work on stenciling on (I utilized a huge sheet of cardboard)

Painter’s tape

Stencil brush

Fine tipped paintbrush

Estimating tape


Sandpaper (discretionary)


I utilized a bit of cardboard to rehearse on for this undertaking since I needed to ensure that it was going to end up well. I taped the stencil down on the cardboard and went to work.

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